I have successfully managed more than 10 public art projects over a 15-year period and take pride in the fact that every project has been delivered on time and within budget.

I have experience in consulting and working with various stakeholders in the public art arena, including arts administrators, local councils, collecting institutions, school principals and school communities (at times using students as models), architects and landscape designers.

I work closely and comfortably with engineers, welding firms, electrical/lighting personnel and installation teams to ensure my work is fabricated and presented to the highest standard.

The materials I use – cold-fused recycled toughened glass, and either aluminium or corten steel – work well in a variety of light and weather and age well with minimal maintenance. As the glass is typically grouted and polished, it is safe to touch and therefore suitable for public spaces. I always consider the risks of both  entrapment and vandalism when designing works and often their sheer scale (up to 4 metres in height) minimises these risks.

I have a current White Card and all the necessary insurances in place,  alongside experience in producing maintenance manuals.

My clients include the Tasmanian and Australian Capital Territory Governments, Melton City Council, Bendigo Regional Gallery, Eastlink, Knox City Council and Wyndham City Council in Victoria, and Clarence City Council and Glenorchy City Council in Tasmania. A full list of public art commissions appear in my CV. Referees can be provided on request.

Plinth, Kangaroo Bay, Tasmania, 2020

Kangaroo Bay- Clarence City council Public Art Work

Glass Sculpture

Garnish, Western BACE Melton Victoria

Aeroplane Boy


Brooks High School, Tasmania

Boy, Werribee Victoria


Boy Looking Up, Eastlink Victoria

Peter Stared into the Vast Unknown, Bendigo Regional Gallery